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Friday, 19 July 2024
Poultry Meal

Product: Poultry Meal
Raw material: Non-edible poultry (chicken and/or turkey) viscera along with some parts such as head and feet.

Product Use
Grind <1% retained in # 7 Used mainly as a protein source, which is essential in the formation of muscle tissue, by the pet food industry. This product supplies lysine (an amino acid), B vitamins, and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, sodium, chlorine, calcium and phosphorous.
Moisture Max. 6 %
Crude Protein Min. 54 %
Crude Fat Max. 20 %
Total Ash Max. 24 %
Free Fatty Acid Max. 15 %
Packaging, Transportation and Storage
Peroxide Index Max. 20 meq 02/kg - Packaged product: Packaged in knit polypropylene bags, cleaned and sealed. Bags loaded onto clean vehicles. Clean covers protect load from contamination and moisture.
- Product loaded in bulk: vehicle’s tank is clean, dry and contaminant-free.
- Storage: Stored product is kept in a dry, cool environment.
Digestibility Min. 80 %
Salmonella Negative
Sulfito-Reductores Max. 2 * 10 UFC/g
F03 PCRAC03-01 Date: 06/26/03

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